Liberty in Our Lifetime

Parallel Structures for Progress

October 21 – 23, 2022 | Cubex Centre – Prague


This October, the global Free Cities community will come together in Prague for the Liberty in Our Lifetime conference.

We are hosting an exciting three-day program on the theme “Parallel Structures for Progress”. Attendees will have the chance to meet with like-minded supporters of liberty and learn about emerging structures in governance, education, and finance that are creating a better tomorrow.

If you’re a liberty-minded person wanting to achieve greater sovereignty for yourself and your family, a remote worker looking to move to an up-and-coming autonomous zone, or an investor interested in high-potential projects, then this conference is for you.

What to expect

Our program will showcase projects that are bringing about a step change in governance, education and finance.

Attendees will discover:


How jurisdictions with new governance models are springing up around the world, helping families and businesses to reach their potential.


How online learning platforms, censorship-resistant networks, and new approaches to education are transforming knowledge sharing.  


How step-changes in finance and monetary innovations such as bitcoin are directing capital into new liberty-focussed developments. 

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Liberty in our Lifetime 2022 will take place at the Cubex Centre in historic Prague.

Here’s a flavor of what to expect from the program:

Friday October 21

Day 1: Keynotes and Parallel Structures

After networking and coffee, the first talks begin at 2pm. Titus Gebel makes the case that parallel structures are the only way to freedom. Joel Bomgar and Trey Goff speak on how Próspera is building the future of governance. Joe Quirk explains how living on the sea is becoming a reality in 2022 and Rahim Taghizadegan speaks on the promise and problems of intentional communities. We then learn from Christoph Heuermann, Katie The Russian, Juraj Bednar and Aleks Svetski about parallel structures offering greater sovereignty to those who choose to “opt in”.

Saturday October 22

Day 2: Governance & Education

Saturday’s program begins with a speech on private law societies by Mises Institute president Jeff Deist. Massimo Mazzone presents on his leading Free City Ciudad Morazán and shares his views on the future of Honduran ZEDEs. We hear from André Loja on why Madeira is becoming a bitcoin-friendly island. Representatives of Free Cities “newcomer” projects in Latin America, Africa, Europe and on the high seas give “rapid fire” presentations. Following a buffet lunch, the afternoon’s program focusses on Free Cities in Africa with presentations from Magatte Wade and Russell Lamberti. Doug Casey dials in to speak on his adventures travelling the far-flung parts of the world in an attempt to convince leaders to “take their country public”. We then learn about parallel structures in education from Daniel Prince, Michael Strong, Marc-Felix Otto, Seb Bunney and Niko Laamanen. In the evening, attendees have the chance to join speakers and explore their ideas further at the VIP dinner, a short walk from the conference venue.

Sunday October 23

Day 3: Finance and the Future of Money

On Sunday, we learn about parallel structures in finance. We hear from Prince Philip of Serbia who draws on his unique family history to speak on the future of money and nation states. Sean Pawley – CEO of an innovative new bank based in Próspera – shares his views on the possibilities of banking in Free Cities. Lawrence a.k.a. Lando Rothbardian of Shopinbit and Stephan Livera speak on opportunities created by the parallel monetary structure of bitcoin. Jeff Booth, Greg Foss and Larry Lepard dial in for a virtual panel on bitcoin adoption in Madeira and beyond. Finally, we debate the future of money. Is modern banking and government currency here to stay? Will the world see a return to a gold standard or is bitcoin the future of money? Three expert panelists make the case for each scenario. The program ends at 1pm.

*The above conference program is provisional and subject to change


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VIP dinner


VIP dinner on Saturday 22nd October

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We are looking for sponsors who share our values to help make Liberty in Our Lifetime an even bigger and more impactful event. Our packages offer businesses the opportunity to place themselves front and centre of a global community of liberty advocates with the knowledge and resources to implement change

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Liberty in our Lifetime 2022 will take place at the Cubex Centre in historic Prague.


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